Me at St. Andrew's Church in Tangier, Morocco

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Andrew. My programming career started with Microsoft BASIC and Foxpro at college, then through C, C++ and Java at University in the 90’s, and most recently C#, SQL Server, Ruby, Rails and AngularJS.

Like Jeff Atwood, I think computers are fascinating, but also the evolving and ever-improving processes of software development really interest me.

Why do you blog?

Primarily to improve my writing and programming skills. I’m a big reader of technical programming and software engineering blogs, and I often find myself wondering about a particular topic or sub-topic. I’ll blog about it because I think would be good to find out more.

Why “Fat Lemon” ?

The name came to me while I was at University - we were throwing ideas around for a group project company name, and all of the suggestions were quite serious, so I started thinking of sillier names and for some reason started thinking of fruit.. the name stuck in my head, but the group decided on a more conservative name in the end!

How can I contact you?

I tweet a little more often than I post, or you can send me an email andrew –at– fatlemon.co.uk :o)