Photo of me hiking in Albania and Montenegro

Hiking in the Accursed Mountains on the border between Albania and Montenegro in 2023

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Andrew. My programming career started with Microsoft BASIC and Foxpro at college, then through C, C++ and Java at University in the 90’s, and most recently C#, SQL Server, Ruby, Rails and Angular.

Like Jeff Atwood, I think computers are fascinating, but also the evolving and ever-improving processes of software development really interest me.

Why do you blog?

Primarily to improve my writing, programming and software engineering skills; to get better at the craft of solving problems with software. I’m a big reader of technical programming and software engineering blogs, and I often find myself wondering about a particular topic or sub-topic. I’ll blog about it because I think would be good to find out more.

Why “Fat Lemon” ?

The name came to me while I was at University - we were throwing ideas around for a group project company name, and all of the suggestions were quite serious, so I started thinking of sillier names and for some reason started thinking of fruit.. the name stuck in my head, but the group decided on a more conservative name in the end!

How can I contact you?

I tweet a little more often than I post, or you can send me an email andrew –at– fatlemon.co.uk :o)